Higlow multi-zone control, enables you to change the light of your headlights and underbody car lights separately. With more than 16 millions color and 30 preset themes, you can always find the perfect one for your love car.


Kit Combination


Higlow 4 zones controller

12V DC input & sensor wire output
Bluetooth 4.0 low energy
Battery monitor
60W total output
Controller dimension: 4.3″ x 2.7″ x 0.9″

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Flexible Light Strip

LEDs ammount: 15 LEDs/m
Certification: RoHS
Power: 1.5W
LED bulb: SMD 5050
Waterproof: IP67

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Wheel Ring Light

LEDs ammount: 15 LEDs/m
Certification: RoHS
Power: 1.5W
LED bulb: SMD 5050
Waterproof: IP67

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Installation diagram

Wheel Ring Light  Flexible Light Strips Extension Wires Controller
Wheel Ring Light x4 12” flexible light strip x4 36” extension wire x4
100” extension wire x3
145” extension wire x1
Higlow 4 zones controller x1

Higlow App & Controller


Higlow is an innovative chasing APP – controlled the vehicular lighting system with Higlow 4 zones controller that change your night driving completely.

PALLETE  Change different color

PRESET  Favorite your color

MUSIC  Sync light to music

SPEED  Sync light to speed

CHASE  Chasing light

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Tired of RGB ? Higlow applies chasing or color changing technology for all products.  Million colors and more than 30 preset themes for your option. Single color, RGB, strobe , breath, you name it, we have it.

The majority controllers can only 1 type of lights and different lights in one color. With Higlow controller, you are able to control maximum 4 type of lights, whether you want them to be the same color or different.

Higlow Controller Zone 1 and Zone 2 integrate with the OEM wires on your vehicle. When your vehicle turns or brakes, all the lights will turn into amber or red accordingly.We want you to ride with fun, but also with safety.

Ride with music can not be happier. In music mode, Higlow controller can control all the lights to dance with the music or the picked up sounds. Whereas in speed mode, the lights change along with your driving speed.

Higlow gives you incredible freedom that you can DIY any pattern you wish to. Except for adjusting brightness, frequency, rotate direction and color, you can even build your own dynamic light pattern with a ride range of settings we provide. Personalized and stylish is our ultimate goal.


We have provided you the k1 headlight with DRL halo ring product information only for reference.

K1 7’’ Headlight With DRL Kit